State Safety Programmes

State Safety Programmes (SSP)

ICAO has defined the elements of a State system that are essential to support safe aviation. The SSP document describes how the State meets each of these elements and how it plans to fill any gaps that currently exist. The gaps will be defined by the formal Gap Analysis that ICAO provides in guidance on the ICAO website. This document is likely to be accompanied by a detailed Implementation Plan (which is a management tool to drive the actions to be achieved in practice) and a Safety Plan which describes at high level the safety improvement actions that the State intends to take during the relevant period.

Changes from Annex 19 Edition 1 to Edition 2 are quite extensive, for example:

  • Integration of the SSP with the 8 Critical Elements of Oversight
  • Safety Information Protection now becomes full SARPs
  • SMS has expanded applicability and aligns safety objectives
  • Processes for Hazard identification risk assessment and resolution of safety issues
  • Additional material on Safety Data Collection and Processing
  • Promotion of Safety Culture